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The start

Dottedmap is our passion project. Big pocket investors do not fund us nor do we earn any money with dottedmap. Four years we played with the idea to set out on a campervan world trip, which we started in October 2015. But how do you keep track of all well intended must visits for all the countries you might visit? Not on post-its, Word files or Excel sheets. Nope, then you will still forget everything. Finally reached an area, try and find that one spot your mate told you about in your collection of post-its and digital files.

That’s why we started dottedmap. To collect all input we gained in one place, but also to have a place to share our discoveries. We quickly realized dottedmap could be more, so now you can use dottedmap to create you own map filled with past and future discoveries. En as we are still travelling, it’s also input for our trip :D.

Driving over the world

Ever since we’ve spend almost six months travelling New-Zealand by van we have known that this is our way of travelling. Slow travel, getting to know a country while our house, but more importantly our bed, is never far away. In October 2015 we left the Netherlands to go wandering over the world. With the comfort of our own home. In total we have had more then 60.000 kilometres of asphalt and gravel roads under our wheels, on three different continents. But there is more, we are still on the road. Help us exploring the world by adding a dot!

Share your highlights on dottedmap

together we have seen so much of the world, lets make it accessible for everyone to explore it

Dottedmap in the future

We are already very happy with dottedmap as it is. But we want more! Ideas are plentiful to get dottedmap to the next level. Our dream is to grow a community around dottedmap, on which different kind of travellers can learn from each other. We see dottedmap as a project for all of us, that’s why we love to get input from you! What features should dottedmap have, what are the community values? We are open for anything, as long as there are enough people backing up your idea(s) we will make sure it will be integrated on dottedmap.

Help grow dottedmap

Stop hesitating, start dotting! Together we will start this adventure and create a project that we can all be happy about. Which adds true value to all our travelling experiences. Without the influence of big multinationals, we as a community can make dottedmap into an unique platform.

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