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Dottedmap high fived…

Dottedmap is not just for or from us, its a project to which everyone can contribute. By creating an account and adding dots or take the next step and help us improve dottedmap. The following people and businesses have already done so. Without them dottedmap wouldn’t be what it is today, or what it will become.


Hardcore developers that love coding. Having an idea is great, but executing it is the hard part. We didn’t have the knowledge so the guys from weDevise flew in to help us out. And the result is showing it.


Asked to help us out with the logo, InterArma took the idea and ran with it. Coming up with an idea for an ass-kicking animation video almost instantly. This was so awesome we had to change the website for the graphics to feel at home. And yeah, we put them on our campervan as well.


As our former office partner Pre-Shot was one of the first sparring partners. Before anyone else even knew about dottedmap. When these filmmakers showed us their drone we just knew what had to be done: epic drone shots of our campervan.


We can name everyone in particular, but they know all to well if they were part of it or still are. Before and during building dottedmap they were ready to fire our ideas down or to praise them. Lets say we maintain a 50/50 score.

Sven & Roxanne

Hardworking professionals that have “critic” as their middle name. Possessing the skills to make last-minute calls. They have seen most visuals, usually one day before the deadline. And they improved them.


Awesome in the correct and formal speaking and writing of the English language. Don’t blame him for typos though, he hasn’t seen them all. Give him time.

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