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Dots in Africa

10-25 euro

Base Backpackers

A fine hostel (backpacker) with nice staff, the possibility of self-cooking and a large balcony with beautiful views over the bay and Maputo Catembe.

Stay the night Mozambique

Associacão dos Musicos Mocambicanos

Cozy live music night organized by the music association, every Thursday and Friday from 19:00 to 22:00.

What locals do Mozambique

Núcleo de Arte

Nice entertainment bar of the local art association

Nightlife Mozambique
1-10 euro

Heilige krokodillen

bizarre experience

Wildlife Burkina Faso
Do not know

Olduvai Gorge

Either Olduvai Gorge in Dutch, is known as the 'cradle of humanity'. In this 50 kilometer deep canyon found the first signs of life.

Doing Culture Tanzania
25-50 euro

Victoria Falls

One of the seven natural wonders of the world.

Natural beauty Zambia
10-25 euro

Golden Leaf Restaurant

Amazing Indian cousine!

Eating & Drinking Zambia
10-25 euro

Cafe Zambezi

Authentic African and Caribbean Restaurant and Bar

Eating & Drinking Zambia
50+ euro

Chobe National Park

Game drive, seeing animals in their natural territory

Wildlife Botswana
50+ euro

Lake Nakuru NP

Lake Nakuru NP

Wildlife Kenia

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